Hail Damage - Sandia Park

March 18, 2012

by: Will Beecher

Dear SPCE/SPO Residents/Sandia Park:

Follow up: Roof Hail Damage - Last year to make Claim from 2010 Storm (2 year rule)

We have recently encountered two more roofs in San Pedro Creek that have severe hail damage from the December 2010 hail storm.  Most hail damaged roofs are being discovered without leaks. So do not wait until you have a leak to get a free inspection.  The roof problems should be inspected and rectified before the damage turns into leaks and ultimately more serious damage occurs. San Pedro Creek residents can get a free inspection from Wade Taylor 505-225-0606 or RoofInspectionFree@gmail.com.  Wade has already handled 10 roof claims out in San Pedro Creek successfully.  The reason folks need to call Wade Taylor is that residents who have called their independent insurance companies normally get denied.  Upon further review from a hail damage expert, Wade Taylor challenges the insurance company on the owners behalf by pointing out all the damage that they try to initially deny exists.

I think this is very important for residents to be reminded of this before they have encounter serious issues.  Especially since the insurance companies make it very difficult to make a claim after 2 years of the storm incident.  Three homes I sold last year got new roofs because they failed inspection.  So if residents selling their homes are failing inspections then it is a serious problem. Do not miss your free inspection and claim opportunity while it still lasts through the end of 2012.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only.  This is not meant to be advertising because I do warrant Wade Taylor personally.  Please check his references and do your own due diligence.  I mention his name specifically because he is the only roof professional I know who is currently beating the insurance companies successfully. Once he wins a claim, you must check and research the process yourselves.

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