New Mexico Land - Gold Investment Alternative

November 30, 2010

LAND  - Gold Investment Alternative

All that Glitters is Not Gold!

Gold prices are soaring.

Last month, the price of gold breached a new all-time record high of over $1,387 an ounce.

But with gold increasing almost 20% in three months, speculators concerned with a correction in prices may want to consider other hard asset commodities as an alternative investment.

Gold Investment Alternative: LAND

Will Rogers famously said, "Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff."

The world's supply of land is rapidly being eaten up by an explosion in the growth of cities, suburbs, and farmland.

In fact the amount of arable land per person has been reduced in the past 40 years by half.

Like gold, land has historically served as a hedge against inflation. And owning a lot of land has traditionally been a popular investment for gold bugs and the autonomous.

Investors can get easy exposure to land through a handful of equities. You'll want to check out an article I wrote back in February that outlined the six best land stocks to own.

Without land, the next two gold investment alternatives couldn't grow.


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